Transource Custom Systems



Without the right help, proper configuration takes time and slows deployment. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will customize your technology to your organization’s unique needs and test each piece of equipment to ensure everything is working as it should before it reaches your hands.

Transource offers custom-built computers and laptops for professional and gaming use and all of their models and classes of PCs and laptops are ‘configurable’ to match the specs you want. We offer custom PCs in small form-factor cases, mid-tower cases, full tower cases, and super tower cases. And, have laptop options that come in a lightweight case, as well as laptops that come with single and even dual GPUs.


Gaming Notebooks

Desktop PCs



BlazePro 4K
BlazePro-4K 13th Gen. Mirage B3000 SFF Scorch-2050 Performance T-Bird X AMD
DStorm 2K Mirage B3000M Minitower
DStorm-2K 13th Gen. Mirage B3000 MT Scorch-X AMD T-Bird X Intel
Xtreme-P 13th Gen. Mirage B4300 vPro SFF Scorch-X Intel T-Bird X Intel 8GPU AI
Mirage B3000M Minitower    
Xtreme-2K-16 13th Gen. Mirage B4300 vPro MT    

Xtreme 13th Gen. Oasis A3000S    
  Oasis A3000M