Environmental Policy

Environmenal Transource


Achieving, maintaining and improving environmental quality is an essential part of the Transource mission.

Transource is committed to:

  • Complying with environmental standards applicable to its present operations
  • Planning its future activities to minimize environmental impacts
  • Conserving irreplaceable natural resources
  • Maximizing pollution prevention initiatives.

Transource has set and will periodically review environmental objectives and targets for achieving these commitments.

Transource shall conduct its activities according to Federal, State, local, and applicable Department of Defense (DoD) contractor environmental policy. Managers at all levels are responsible for compliance with all relevant environmental policy. All Transource employees are responsible and accountable for the environmental consequences of their actions.

The Transource environmental program has been developed and implemented, and is underpinned by the three tiers of compliance, conservation, and prevention of pollution.


Transource shall comply with applicable Federal, State, local, DoD environmental laws, standards, and requirements. Environmental program managers shall devise and implement management plans where required by regulation and ensure such plans are properly disseminated and adhered to.


Transource shall conserve natural resources through effective environmental planning and management. The environmental consequences of proposed actions and reasonable alternatives will be integrated into all levels of decision.

Prevention of Pollution

Transource shall prevent future pollution by reducing the use of hazardous materials and releases of pollutants into the environment to as near zero as feasible and practical. This will be done first through source reduction (e.g., chemical substitution, process change, and other techniques).

When the use of hazardous materials cannot be avoided, the spent material and waste will be reused or recycled, whenever possible. As a last resort, spent material and waste that cannot be reused or recycled will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, consistent with the requirements of applicable laws.

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